rocharger Stage2 P-1SC-1 2015-2017 Mustang GT Kit




Procharger Stage2 P-1SC-1 2015-2017 Mustang GT Kit. – $5000. Needs new 8” pulley and intercooler/mounting is bent.
Bought this kit back in 2017, put a little over 20k miles on it. Goes for $9500 on Prochargers website or $8500 on Beefcakes site.
Wrecked the car so the kit has some blemishes, functional, but will take a little straightening of brackets to mount the intercooler if you don’t want to buy a new one.
Intercooler is dented in one corner, mounting bosses are a little bent and some of the fins are smashed, mounting brackets are bent also. Probably can be made to work, but will need some work bending the brackets to fit, may want to buy a new intercooler and mounting brackets. Intercooler holds air and pressure, so I don’t think it has any leaks, just beat up. Also, front side is painted black.
8” crank pully is bent will need to be replaced. The mounting bolts and cam locks are included, so all you will need is the pulley.
Injectors will need at one new o-ring, I’m including an almost complete o-ring kit from Deatswerks, I robbed the one from the set, the remaining 23 o-rings are new.
May want to buy a new air filter and ProFlow valve filter, they are functional, just dirty and a little beat up.
Includes UPR Procharger catch can.

• Same as HO system plus additions below:
• 8-rib dedicated belt drive system
• Larger 1,103 cubic inch intercooler rated to 1,200hp
• 300+ HP gain with P-1SC-1 complete system on 10 psi, quality pump gas
• 100% reversible, no permanent modifications, no drilling or modifying
• Patented 8″ supercharger crank pulley that fastens to the factory balancer
• Belts and pulleys can be changed without removing the supercharger
• No cutting of radiator hoses, or trimming of factory coolant fan
• 100% reversible
• ProFlow bypass valve
• 95lb/Hr Deatswerks Injectors
• JMS Plug and Play BAP
• Helical Gear (quieter than straight gear)


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