Kenne Bell supercharger


4.2L Liquid Cooled Kenne Bell supercharger for 5.7 / 6.1 / 6.4 hemi, head unit has been rebuilt by Kenne Bell and never run since, the kit is missing a couple of pieces like the heat exchanger/ lines and pulleys but all the main parts are there, comes with few extra parts like map sensor, boost-a-pump, AEM boost gauge. This kit made 958rwhp @ 20lbs of boost before it was rebuilt. $5000. Hemi hellcat srt srt8 scat pack r/t dodge Chrysler mopar supercharged pro charger whipple



Kenne Bell supercharger for sale

This polished finish Shelby Kenne Bell super charger is the perfect solution to adding high performance horsepower to your Ford Mustang GT or Shelby GT. The twin screw design features a “Mammoth” 1000hp+ inlet design, 2.6L “Big Bore” billet twin screw, billet external bypass, 6 rib pulley and “Bulletproof” low-restriction short runner aluminum intake manifold. An increase of 84% horsepower can be achieved bringing your stock vehicle to just around 514 HP at the flywheel. Fitting under the stock hood (minor notch in the X-brace required) and with no need for headers, cam, porting, etc., these kits offer the most ideal choice in overall power and performance. No need for larger fuel pumps, fuel rails, fuel lines, etc. With the exclusive dual Boost-A-Pump fuel flow, SCT Flash Tuner and MAF Extender, included in each Shelby Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger kit, you now can maximize performance with a true “Race Tune” calibration. To top it all off, each kit is designed to operate using stock emissions components and meets most smog requirements. A quick and easy install makes each Shelby Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger kit a practical investment in maximizing the overall performance of your Shelby or Mustang GT. The 4.6L Kenne Bell Supercharger with Shelby logos is available exclusively from Shelby Performance Parts.


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