GM truck offset LS set up




This is brand new condition. Just professionally rebuilt and Powdercoated with zero run time

$6000 , I’m not negotiating
$1000 worth of pulleys.
It’s $6000 for everything listed below and in the pics.

This is a kit for a GM truck offset LS set up. (07-13 silverado for me)

–Whipple W140AX 2.3L supercharger kit
— REC PORT lower manifold (can be adapted to cathedral port easily)
— SC Intake has been ported for larger throttle body
— -12an coolant ports
–Made around 650whp on my 5.3
–Powdercoated “Illusion Blueberry” by Jon Bond Performance. I have all papers.
New housing with bearings, seals, rotors re-cermic coated, bypass rebuilt. Etc. Again, ZERO RUN TIME on the rebuild, it’s still taped closed.

–Supercharger, lower plenum with heat exchanger with all gaskets and orings.
— Belt Tensioner bracket.
— AFP Tensioner adapter
–8 rib Innovators West idlers
–Gates 38518 8 rib HD Tensioner
–Whipple -8an billet fuel rails

— 4 bar ZR1 GM map sensor
–assorted whipple harness connector adapters included
— IAT sensor for supercharger lower
–Black Whipple front air to water heat exchanger and brackets.
— Supercharger coolant lines, swirl pot and cap

— 2.75″ and 3.00″ Griptec Pulleys ($400 for both new)
–3 whipple brand Pulleys (3″, 3.25″ , 3.625″)
–3 custom machined Pulleys (3.1″ , 3.4″ , 3.8″)

–Whipple installation instructions and various other little bits.


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