96-98 Mustang supercharger Kit


96-98 Mustang supercharger Kit off my 97 Cobra. Works perfect going turbo no need for it anymore… comes with everything you see on the picture. 500HP $3000

96-98 cobra supercharger kit



998. It provides increased power and torque to the engine, allowing the owner to get the most out of their car’s performance. With the installation of this kit, Mustang owners can experience improved performance and increased driving pleasure.

The 1996-1998 Cobra is a great car but the 4V lacks low and mid range punch. That’s why Ford rpm “staged” or “delayed” opening all 4 inlet ports simultaneously. It hurt low end torque. The Kenne Bell Kit gives the ‘96-’98 4.6 that much needed HP and torque boost in low and mid range – and plenty on the top end. Gears help but hurt fuel economy and increase engine wear. And centrifugal superchargers make good top end power but don’t supply the much needed higher boost for low and mid range performance. This is a powerful, quiet, flexible kit that really brings the car to life. Standard Kit is 6 psi (91 octane) or 8 psi (94 octane) with plenty of room to grow to 11 psi without intercooling (see “Octane”).

Kenne Bell factory tuned with OEM grade equipment. No expensive custom tuning by others is required or recommended. Dual SWITCH CHIP® “POWER” (street) optional $99.

Note: Kit has been upgraded to the 2.1L Billet Twin Screw. A 5” underdrive pulley is included in kit. The pulley adds another 6HP.


    • • +135HP/ +123 ft lbs. torque (108HP / 98ft lbs rear wheel @ 7 psi).
    • • Twin Screw Design. More Efficient than the Eaton / Roots type. (Cooler air charge temp and less HP to drive).
    • • Looks Factory. Mounts on top of engine.
    • • Whisper Quiet. No embarassing, annoying noise.
      • No external oil lines or drilling holes in pan.
      • No other changes necessary.
      • Works with stock gears.
      • No boost lag.
      • 60-80 degrees cooler air charge temperature and requires 10-16 less HP to drive than roots style.
      • No other engine or transmission changes required. Everyhting included.
      • Not totally dependent on rpm for boost as with centrifugals.
      • Fits under stock hood.
      • Bolts to stock lower manifold.
      • No intercooler required.
      • BOOST-A-PUMP included. Only activates under boost.
      • OPTIMODULE (chip) also included.
      • Includes Kenne Bell “Open House” hi flo 20HP manifold. (Eliminates restricitive stock manifold).

*300-650HP range. Varies with boost level.

A whopping increase of 135HP (440 vs 305) and 123 ft lbs torque (426 vs 303). This one will turn anyone’s head around. “Top engine” design mounts supercharger where it belongs – on top of the 4.6 – not on the side or in between the radiator and water pump. Included with the kit is the new Kenne Bell ultra high flow “open house” manifold. No manifold will ever flow more air then this beauty. Near full rated boost at a mere 2400 RPM gives the little 280 cubic incher needed low end torque – AND MORE!








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